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One-year limited WARRANTY

Hering stands behind its quality and workmanship, and wants to reassure customer confidence by announcing its one-year limited warranty*. If you experience any product failure within the first 12 months of taking delivery of your new propeller(s), we will replace the broken part at no harge** Call for more details.

*on recreational use only, not applicable to any racing conditions.
**customer is responsible for all shipping expenses.


Right Pitch Management:

Not sure of the exact pitch you need? Don't let that hold you back from ordering a new set...We now offer a 2-week test period from the date of delivery. If your propeller selection was high or low on the pitch based on our recommendation, we will exchange your propeller(s) for a new set with the correct pitch*. This new level of customer service will solidify your decision to go only with the best.     

*one time exchange policy

**customer responsible for all shipping cost

***$100 restocking/ cleaning fee per propeller


Hering Propellers use only the best material available, utilizing premium stainless steel blends and composites.

PROPELLER REPAIRS (and Refurbishment Program)

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we offer repair and refurbishment services. Each repair is examined, repaired and billed by the hour. Repair is not exclusive to Hering propellers only, we accommodate other propellers (ie. Mercury Racing, Hydromotive, etc...).

CLICK HERE FOUR OUR REPAIR FORM Hering Propellers Repair Form


Our Refurbishment Program is an affordable preventative maintenance plan for your hi-performance propellers. Over the duration of seasonal use, all propellers are susceptible to many nicks and dings from debris in the water (sand, rocks, trees, etc…). These imperfections can lead to vibrations and potentially a blade failure if not treated properly and promptly. This program takes your propellers and performs the following:

  • Inspect for damage, cracks, erosion, etc...
  • Weld repair as required
  • Polish/ refinish of blades
  • Detailing of blade edges (signature Hering brushed leading edge)
  • Dynamic balance
  • Back to original specs and condition – looking and performing like NEW

Preventative maintenance is the key to increase the longevity of your propeller(s). Please call for additional information and pricing.

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