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Hering Propellers is a Ss Propeller high performance propeller manufacturer, recognized by racers and boat enthusiasts throughout the world. With over 40 years of Ss Propeller experience in the offshore powerboat racing circuit, we've built a Ss Propeller reputation that the competition can only follow.

Top boat manufacturers such as Cigarette, Donzi, Fountain, Nor-Tech, Outerlimits, MTI, Skater and others choose Ss Propeller to equip their boats with Hering propellers over any other propeller manufacturer. Why? Because of Hering Propeller's Ss Propeller attention to detail, Ss Propeller performance results, and Ss Propeller personalized customer service.

For over 40 years, Hering's Ss Propeller position at the forefront of performance propeller manufacturing has been a result of continuous Ss Propeller research and development of unique Ss Propeller materials, Ss Propeller propeller designs and Ss Propeller technologies. With the latest in CNC machining technique and program design, we can build anything from standard industry specs to Ss Propeller customized propeller pitch and designs.

To serve our Ss Propeller customers better, we have recently added additional Ss Propeller machines to our manufacturing facility, allowing us to increase Ss Propeller production and decrease Ss Propeller delivery time.

We look forward to working with you to create the most efficient Ss Propeller propeller for your performance Ss Propeller boat application.

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